Emergency Preparedness Training

Emergency Preparedness Training

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Our Crisis Response Video's are short memorable clips demonstrating exactly what to do when crisis strikes. Here are just some of the videos included:

Cyber Threats: General Online Safety and Security, Mobile Device Safety and Security, Don’t Mix Work and Personal Data or Devices, Don’t Be A Victim of Phishing

Man Made Threats: Managing Potential Violent Behavior, Workplace Violence Policy, Indicators of Potential Violent Behavior, Suspicious Packages, Run-Hide-Defend, Bomb Threats

Medical Incidents: How To Use An Automatic Defibrillator, Helping Stroke and Seizure Victims, Treating Broken Bones, Burns, and Bleeding

Natural Disasters: What To Do When Volcanoes Erupt, How To React To A Tsunami, What To Do When Severe Weather Strikes

Safe Travel: Decrease Your Exposure to Danger Increase Your Security Posture, Money, Credit Card and Passport Security, Security Habits at Home and Work Beware of Financial Scams

Videos are available in both DVD and MP4 Format. We also offer an online course, click here for more information.